The Sunday Currently no. 4

It has been over a year since I’ve touched this blog again, it’s now 2017 and I look back on these writings like artifacts. Life has changed so much. I definitely need to dedicate a separate time to sit down for it (the reflecting once again)—for now, just before I leave for a two-hour drive out of the city, a re-visit.

Reading, Writing

An assortment of books and I’ve the terrible habit of reading books but rarely finishing them. It’s been a mix: Flush by Virginia Woolf, I picked up Daring Greatly by Brené Brown (no shame) for my Sunday morning read, sorted through a few coffeetable books, some books on business. I have actually been reading more these days! As for writing, this is as close as I’ll get.


Ever since working, having a regular commute has made the practice of listening a joy to me. And of course, it helps the lull in the workplace that often needs something more fulfilling. Many good podcasts that I’ve discovered include The Broad Experience, and KCRW always makes good ones. Music has ranged from experimental jazz to classical jazz. I like listening, I wish I’d better at it.

Wanting, Needing

Well, at the moment, I definitely need to pack my things and get ready for the drive out. A few minutes left.

Wishing, Hoping

It’s this quote that has gotten to me: “luck is when preparation meets the moment of opportunity.” Today, it seems like opportunities are all around—but I realized they were always there, I just didn’t see them. I wasn’t ready to. But now faced with the option of choice, and getting my life in order, it’s strange: I can’t tell if I’m underwhelmed or just indifferent. At the same time, I had re-read this excerpt from an interview which I’d kept repeating to myself in university: “you must have will. In other words, you must want.”


My relationship with clothes has changed, or more accurately with the way I look in a mirror. I do feel more confident; at the same time, I’ve simply dressed for myself. I don’t need to impress anyone. And as it’s an early Sunday morning now, my hair is up and I’m in an old, oversized t-shirt from when I used to do public school tutoring for class.

Loving, Feeling

Enjoying the inconsequential. People-watching strangers in foreign countries. Knowing those strangers, knowing how to speak.


  • I’d wondered to myself how on earth I only heard about Casey Neistat till now!
  • Because they moved to Japan, enjoying their stuff more: Simon and Martina
  • P.S. More at a later time. It’s time to go.

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